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The Yoga Room

California, United States of America

Image from news post: The Yoga Room

Since its founding in 1978, The Yoga Room has made yoga available to people of all ages and abilities.

As a multi-generational community, the studio is concerned with encouraging proper alignment in the poses and helping students maintain a balance between strength and flexibility. With the emphasis on personalized practice, they offer alternatives for almost anyone — from children and the elderly, to those dealing with health issues and disabilities, to those who want a truly deep and challenging experience.




2530 San Pablo Ave Suite D
Berkeley, California, 94702
United States of America


Donald Moyer
Gay White
Mary Lou Weprin
Clare Finn
Deborah Saliby
Deidre O’Brien
Dorinda Nyberg
Herta Weinstein
Hillary Russak
Jim Stockton
Tasha Hansen