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Iyengar yoga courses and collections

Browse through complete courses and groups of Iyengar videos, audio and illustrations for better home practice

Iyengar Yoga Live. Real classes shot at the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio. A 9-part program for intermediate to advanced level students with over 3 years experience with Iyengar yoga. We follow a typical Iyengar yoga trajectory with a new focus each week. Standing poses, forward bends, backbends, restorative and miscellaneous.

Live classes: Real Iyengar yoga classes following a 10-week program. Taught by Pixie Lillas to advanced level students. Aimed at students with over 4 years experience, teacher trainees and certified teachers.

This 3-part course works deep into the hips to minimise pain and restriction. Part 1 works with hips in spasm, part 2 looks at a deeper extention and part 3 looks at how to modify your class for chronic tightness and pain.

This pair of videos were put together to help target common pains and discomfort in the knees and the surrounding muscles.

Back pain is a tiring and frustrating issue that many Iyengar yoga students live with. This course aims to first provide relief for any existing symptoms, then show you how to work deeper into the back and finally how to adjust your class for more persistent pain.