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Restorative and pranayama to develop your foundations


This class builds on restorative postures you have practiced in your Iyengar yoga beginners course followed by a brief pranayama and Savasana session. A sequence for students with 3-9 months experience with Iyengar yoga, and beyond.

Restorative and pranayama to develop your foundations

A sequence for general or level 1 students with a focus on restorative and pranayama poses

This class focuses on restorative poses and a short session of pranayama in the Iyengar method. It is intended for students that have completed a beginners course at a certified Iyengar yoga studio. Pixie Lillas guides students with 3-9 months of experience through a series of simple chest-opening poses. The class allows you to build on the work that you would have already done in a beginners course.

We start out in Supta Swastikasana, reclining over a bolster with the arms outstretched and a blanket under the head. We add some blankets under the legs to help to release but not overstrain the groin muscles. We follow on with simple cross-legs forwards over a bolster and blanket for support under the arms, head, and buttocks.

We move to some arm extensions and poses from standing Tadasana. Urdhva Hastasana (arms over the head), Garudasana (arms crossed in front of the chest), and hands in Namaskar or holding the elbows behind the back. The sequence moves to Adho Mukha Svanasana (dogpose) with a bolster for head support followed by Virasana forwards continuing with the head support.

We then move to some longer, still poses using some bolsters for support. Cross bolsters, T-shaped Bolsters, and Viparita Karani with legs up the wall are all held for a longer period of time to allow your body to relax into the pose for some more passive, restorative actions.

We finish with a combination of short pranayama breathing with blankets under the back and head for support, which leads straight into Savasana to finish the sequence.

Video stills from this sequence

Restorative and pranayama to build your foundations

Equipment required

  • Mat
  • 2x Bolster
  • 2x Blanket

Illustrated sequence of video

Download and print the free illustrated sequence of this video.

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