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Image: Springwood Yoga

Springwood Yoga

Image: Yarraville Yoga Centre

Yarraville Yoga Centre

Image: Yoga Centre East Redfern

Yoga Centre East Redfern

Image: Iyengar yoga on the Central Coast

Iyengar yoga on the Central Coast

Image: Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale

Iyengar Yoga Maida Vale

Image: Yoga Bhuja

Yoga Bhuja

Image: Green Body Yoga

Green Body Yoga

Image: Yoga Central

Yoga Central

Image: All About the Yoga

All About the Yoga

Image: Yoga Amrita

Yoga Amrita

Image: Yoga Path

Yoga Path

Image: Yoga on the Square

Yoga on the Square

Image: Stephanie Hall Yoga

Stephanie Hall Yoga

Image: Yoga Body

Yoga Body

Image: Central Yoga School

Central Yoga School

Image: Iyengar Yoga Dunedin

Iyengar Yoga Dunedin

Image: Yoga West

Yoga West

Image: Seabreeze Yoga

Seabreeze Yoga

Image: Iyengar Yoga Centre of Auckland

Iyengar Yoga Centre of Auckland

Image: Eternally Yoga

Eternally Yoga

Image: Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre

Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre

Image: West End Yoga Centre

West End Yoga Centre

Image: The Yoga Classroom

The Yoga Classroom

Image: Verve for Life

Verve for Life

In comparison to online learning, a studio-based yoga practice is ideal for anyone wanting to facilitate their practice needs in a physical space, under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Iyengar yoga emphasises precision and alignment of mind and body, therefore its practice can be demanding yet rewarding. Choosing the right Iyengar yoga studio is the first decisive step into a meaningful yoga journey.

At Yoga Vastu, we aim to provide you with a list of highly recommended yoga studios for practicing Iyengar yoga in its finest shape. We focus on studios that have certified teachers and credibility, while offering diverse programs, intensive workshops and retreats, affordable prices, flexible time schedules and modules for every level.

Simply choose your location and we will locate the best yoga classes near you. If you teach or own a yoga studio anywhere in the world, and you would like to be added to the list, please contact Yoga Vastu.