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Image: Adeline Yoga

Adeline Yoga

Image: AH Yoga

AH Yoga

Image: All About the Yoga

All About the Yoga

Image: Anna Macedo Yoga

Anna Macedo Yoga

Image: Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio

Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio

Image: Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio

Blue Mountains Iyengar Yoga Studio

Image: Cathy Tincknell Iyengar Yoga

Cathy Tincknell Iyengar Yoga

Image: Centennial Yoga Studio

Centennial Yoga Studio

Image: Central Yoga School

Central Yoga School

Image: Christchurch East Yoga

Christchurch East Yoga

Image: Claire Ferry Yoga

Claire Ferry Yoga

Image: Clear Yoga

Clear Yoga

Image: Community Wellness + Yoga

Community Wellness + Yoga

Image: Coogee Yoga

Coogee Yoga

Image: Crows Nest Yoga & Wellness Centre

Crows Nest Yoga & Wellness Centre

Image: Elaine’s Yoga

Elaine’s Yoga

Image: Eternally Yoga

Eternally Yoga

Image: Green Body Yoga

Green Body Yoga

Image: Half Moon Yoga

Half Moon Yoga

Image: Hamilton Yoga

Hamilton Yoga

Image: Hara Yoga Studio

Hara Yoga Studio

Image: Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre

Herne Bay Iyengar Yoga Centre

Image: Hills Yoga

Hills Yoga

Image: Hope Valley Yoga

Hope Valley Yoga