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Iyengar Yoga Videos: Poses, Sequences and Classes

Step-by-step pose tutorials, short classes and full-length video sequences to help you strengthen your practice. Use our filters to help find the right video for you.

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Yoga Vastu presents a special collection of video classes for Iyengar yoga, to offer you a unique way to approach yoga practice outside the studio. Our videos are designed by a certified team of Iyengar yoga experts, so you can practice comfortably anywhere and anytime.

In a few easy steps, you will be able to design a video yoga course, that matches your level, needs and pace. By setting your goals and monitoring your progress in your profile, you’ll soon start achieving your personal success in yoga journey.

We have Iyengar yoga video classes for all levels, ages or motivations. Whether you are an athlete or a senior, whether you are recovering from an injury or if you simply want to advance your practice, Yoga Vastu has something for you.

Practising outside the studio can be frustrating at times, not knowing if you are really achieving results or performing the exercises with the right technique. Yoga Vastu aims to offer you a relaxed space, where attention to your movements, precision and efficiency are really allowed to flourish.

We are positive, that in the end of the day, we would have offered you a beautiful yoga experience that simply works.