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Iyengar yoga for restrictions and pain in hips, groin and upper thigh

This 3-part course works deep into the hips to minimise pain and restriction. Part 1 works with hips in spasm, part 2 looks at a deeper extention and part 3 looks at how to modify your class for chronic tightness and pain.

About the course

Stiffness and restriction in the hips is very common and can be the source of many issues in the back and shoulders. By popular demand we have created a series of videos which use Iyengar yoga to work with hips, groin and upper thigh pain.

Taught by Pixie Lillas, this 3 part Iyengar yoga video course is great for anyone who has either recently strained or pulled their hip or groin muscles, or who suffers from lifestyle-related stiff hips, arthritis or minor injury.