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Developing your foundations: 5-part course

A 5-part course led by Pixie Lillas suited to students with 3-9 months experience and beyond. Standing poses, forward bends, backbends, restorative and a focused class on neck, hips and shoulders.

About the course

A 5-part course led by Pixie Lillas for students that have finished a beginners course and are moving up to Level 1, or general level. This course covers and build on many of the foundations you would have learnt in your beginners courses at the studio and as you progress further into your yoga practice.

Each class is kept to around 1 hour and can be done in sequence at your own pace.

The class structure breaks down like this:

  • Class 1 Standing poses
  • Class 2 Forward bends
  • Class 3 Backbends
  • Class 4 Restorative and pranayama
  • Class 5 Special focus class: neck, shoulders and hips