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Relief for tight and sore back muscles

Back pain is tiring and deflating. This sequence helps to give some relief with some calming poses to relieve the central muscles when tight or in spasm.

A sequence for relief for tight and sore back muscles – class description

This video sequence looks at how to deal with back tightness and guides you through some poses that can give relief.

Start with two chairs facing each other. Sit on one chair taking support of folded blankets under the buttocks for extra height & face the other chair which has a bolster positioned lengthways with one or two folded blankets on top. Place the heels of your feet to the outside edge of the opposite chair legs. Place the edge of the bolster in close toward the bottom of the pelvis & lean forward with your arms resting on the bolster & your head turned to the side or resting your forehead on the blanket. After a few minutes turn about 45 degrees to the side & again rest the whole trunk forward over the bolster. Then change sides. This is a great restful pose to help ease back tension.

Now sit on a chair facing toward the back rest with a bolster placed upright on the chair with its upper edge folded over the top of the backrest .Feet are placed wide to the outer edge of the chair legs.Place the hands on the top of the bolster & rest your forehead on to the bolster as you lean forward.

Next come down to the floor & sit on your heels, feet together in Vajrasana, with a bolster between your buttocks & your heels.

Now prepare for Supta Padanghustasana 1 with leg support. Lie back on the floor with a blanket under your head for support. One leg is positioned lengthways on the floor the other is taken upwards to a 90 degree angle against an upright support. Repeat on the other side & then take both legs up to 90 degrees to the support. A folded blanket or weight positioned on the soles of the feet helps the back of the pelvis to settle to the floor. Then bring the knees up toward the chest with the soles of the feet resting against the support.

To further release the back muscles lie face down resting on the floor with one leg positioned straight back, bringing the other out to the side at a 45 degree angle. Arms positioned above by your head & forehead resting on the arms. A rolled blanket can be placed under your bent leg inner groin and another half fold blanket lengthways from the knee to the foot. Repeat on the other side.

Now come back to Vajrasana with a blanket between your buttocks and heels.

To finish, lie on your back with a blanket for head support. Rest the calves on a chair seat which faces toward you. The calves should be parallel to the floor. Place a bolster widthways over your abdomen. Enjoy resting in this position as your back tension is eased.

Equipment required

  • Bolster
  • 2x Blanket
  • 2x Chair
  • Mat

Video stills from this sequence

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