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(Diamond Pose)

How to perform Diamond Pose

Sit in a kneeling position with the feet together right beneath the buttocks.

What is Vajrasana?

Vajrasana, or Diamond Pose, is one of the kneeling poses that can be used during seated meditation. It is very similar to Virasana, the main difference being the position of the feet.

In Vajrasana, your feet are joined together and positioned right beneath the buttocks, rather than at the side. In a sense, this is a milder and more universal variation of Virasana. It comes easier seen as it does not place as much strain on the knees.

When to use Vajrasana?

Vajrasana, just like Virasana can be incorporated into any type of sequence, be it calming and restorative or dynamic and energizing. It can also be practiced right after a heavy meal.

You can place a blanket beneath the buttocks to provide you with elevation if you feel your knees are too tight. Spreading your weight evenly through your legs and shins allows you to get grounded and for the energy to flow down into your groins. This makes this pose both restorative and energizing: you get a chance to draw your focus to the more subtle processes in your lower body (thus calming your mind) while also regaining your strength and sense of inner balance through even breathing.

This pose can also be useful on its own, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting on your feet helps elevate your spine in a way that will make it difficult for you to hunch over. For this reason, Vajrasana is seen as a pose capable of restoring health in your back and improving your posture.

Video sequences that include this pose