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Lower back sequence to relax, strengthen and extend


Making use of blocks, blankets, belts, and a chair, Pixie takes you through a strengthening and opening sequence for the lower back.

Lower back sequence to relax, strengthen and extend

An opening, strengthening sequence focusing on the lower back

A great sequence for anyone from general level up looking to open up the lower back region. Pixie starts off students with Half Uttanasana to the wall with a block between the thighs, Dogpose on the blocks with heels up the walls and then with feet flat on the blocks. Dogpose with hands to the wall and block between the thighs leads you into some diagonal standing poses including Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana 2, Parsva Konasana then Parivrtta Trikonasana and Parsvottanasana with chair support.

Continuing with the block between the thighs, we move to some opening chair twists and some twists to the wall. You lie over a bolster to provide some release before moving into Salamba Sirsasana with some variations using a block between the legs.

We then move to the floor and use the belt to extend the legs up and out to the side. Supported Halasana with a bolster on the chair brings begins to wind the sequence down followed by supported Savasana.

Equipment required

  • 2 x blocks
  • 1 x chair
  • 4 x blankets
  • 1 x bolster
  • 1 x mat

Stills from sequence

Lower back sequence to relax, strengthen and extend | Video stills

Illustrated sequence of video

Download and print the free illustrated sequence of this video.

View sequence