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Lower back sequence to relax, strengthen and extend

Making use of blocks, blankets, belts and a chair, Pixie takes you through an strengthening and opening sequence for the lower back.

An opening, strengthening sequence focusing on the lower back

A great sequence for anyone from general level up looking to open up the lower back region. Pixie takes students through some simple standing poses and stretches to the chair. The sequence progresses through some more opening chair twists and twists to the wall. Pixie follows with some simple inversions, leg extensions from the floor using the belt.

Supported Halasana and quietening poses wind the session down to Savasana. Blocks are used extensively to support the lower back region and provide some release for tightened muscles.

Equipment required

  • 2 x blocks
  • 1 x chair
  • 4 x blankets
  • 1 x bolster
  • 1 x mat