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Ardha Halasana
(Half Plough Pose)

How to perform Half Plough Pose

Activate your shoulders as you lift your hips up overhead and place your feet on chair support behind your head.

What is Ardha Halasana?

This inverted pose is good for strengthening your shoulder and neck muscles. The hips are lifted high up overhead as the legs are brought over the head and placed on chair support. In the full pose, most of the weight is thus supported by the shoulders and neck. In this case, the chair support takes off some of the burden and allows you to instead focus on the soothing effects of the pose. The arms are extended alongside your head, thus allowing you to open better through your shoulders.

Make sure to activate your shoulders to avoid overstraining your neck muscles, though: the back of your neck should maintain a slight curve and be lifted off the floor.

When to use Halasana (Arms Extended)?

This pose works wonders in relieving stress and fatigue. It can be used to prepare for Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand), as it strengthens all the necessary muscles. It can also be beneficial for those suffering from mild backache but should be avoided if you have any kind of neck injuries.

Whether you are using a chair for support or doing the full pose, make sure to keep your back straight, allowing your blood to flow to your heart. This provides you with a soothing effect, making this pose ideal for the end of your sequence, as you prepare to go into Savasana.

Video sequences that include this pose