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Unity Woods Yoga Center

Maryland, United States of America

Image from news post: Unity Woods Yoga Center

Founded in 1979 by Advanced Iyengar Yoga Teacher, John Schumacher, Unity Woods Yoga Center is one of the best known and most widely respected yoga centers in the country. We offer classes for students at all levels in posture (asana) and breathing (pranayama), special courses for targeted needs and interests, workshops with some of the world’s finest teachers, and programs covering various aspects of the science and art of yoga.

The center’s purpose is to offer uncompromising expert yoga instruction to as broad an audience as possible. The teaching staff is the area’s most experienced, comprised of highly trained, certified instructors. Based on the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, modern yoga’s most influential teacher, our classes guide you safely and effectively toward better health, serenity, and expanded awareness.





4853 Cordell Ave #9
Bethesda, Maryland, 20814
United States of America


John Schumacher
Amy Van Mui
Ann Thomas
Anne Wutchiett
Carol Cavanaugh
Doerthe Braun
Giulia Mainieri
Jill Pollet Cahn
Joe Adlesic
Julia Zawatzky
Juliana Fair
Kate Krems
Kim Weeks
Laurel Goeke
Leah DiQuollo
Linda McReynolds
Linda San Gabriel
Maggie Rhoades
Mary Pappas-Sandonas
Megan Bowles
Rocky Delaplaine
Sarah Hull
Sonia Dovedy
Steve Mitchell
Suzanne Sigüenza
Thierry Chiapello