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West End Yoga Centre

Brisbane, Australia

Studio image of: West End Yoga Centre

West End Yoga Centre opened in May 2014 by Jamie Denham. WEYC, as it is becoming fondly known, has slowly grown to encapsulate a beautiful community of beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. It is a hub for yoga teachers to learn key alignment and teaching techniques, and a place that has seen lives transformed by the hard work and dedication of its students.

It is a unique space with a light hearted feel, but a serious work ethic. All teachers at the studio are qualified in assisting you no matter what your aliment, age or ability. It is complete with authentic Iyengar rope walls and equipment to help and assist each student with the opportunity to fully express and experience postures that no other Brisbane yoga studio has the ability to show.

The community at WEYC is as unique as the surrounding suburb of West End with its endless supply of coffee and food. Come and play on a Saturday morning in either a beginner or Level 1 or Level 2 class. Follow up your practice with coffee with your teacher and peers before heading of to the infamous Davies street markets. What you’ll love and find at West End yoga centre is more then just a yoga class, you’ll get an experience of discovery and exploration into yoga, the body, the mind and the search for true self awareness and connection.


0432 063 094


9 Browning Street
West End, QLD, 4101


Jamie Denham
Jamie Denham
Simon Morocco
Simon Morocco