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Five Poses to Alleviate Depression

Practice these restorative poses at home to lift your mood and improve symptoms of depression

Fighting an ongoing struggle with depression can quickly impair daily functioning and radically decrease your quality of life. Clinical depression, markedly different than the occasional sadness that almost everyone experiences, can plague you with symptoms including a loss of interest in life, feelings of guilt, low energy, and poor concentration, among other things.

Studies have shown that regularly practicing restorative yoga poses can drastically reduce depression by

  • Fostering an active role in healing
  • Slowing down mental chatter
  • Facilitating self-acceptance

By practicing yoga, we become grounded.

Yoga practitioners believe that a three-pronged approach using a combination of invigorating backbends, balancing inversions, and calming restoratives can lift moods and improve emotional wellness.

For the greatest impact, it is essential to practice energizing poses, especially when energy is low.

Because you’re able to draw on the immense energy in the room, attending a yoga class is typically found to be more beneficial for those dealing with depression than practicing alone. Often, our daily lives present challenges to attending a class including a lack of time and proximity.

This series of five restorative poses can be used at home to increase energy and restore your quality of life.


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