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Exercising In Your 40s, 50s, 60s and Beyond

The benefits of exercising and being healthy at any age

Being Healthy at any Age

Exercise is a proven activity that makes us not only healthy but allows the body to age gracefully. As we grow older and wiser, our needs changes. This is true with every aspect of our lives. Good thing there are many exercise techniques we can do. No matter what age we are in, we can always achieve a healthy mind and body.

The 30’s is the stage where our bodies are at their peak. It is the perfect time to establish a workout routine. Aim for a five day a week 45 minute sessions of high intensity cardio. Doing yoga, tai-chi or dancing are low-impact activities. They are proven to ward off depression by increasing the brain’s GABA levels.

The middle age brings new challenges physically. In our 40’s and 50’s there is an internal change in fat distribution. Posture changes. There is an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. At this stage it is important to increase flexibility.

Entering the 60’s and 70’s, regular exercise is as important as ever to maintain balance and strength. At this point it is better to work with a professional to prevent any injury that might occur. Low impact exercises will keep the blood flowing. A moderately intense cardio workout is advised at least thrice a week for overall well-being.

It is good to always be physically active. Studies have shown that it promotes good memory even up to the later years. According to these studies, it can even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. At any age exercise is not only beneficial, it is necessary. Listening to our body’s needs will surely lead us to living a lifestyle that is well balanced and healthy.

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