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The True Nature of Health and the Impact of Yoga

Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit


The Impact of Yoga

Yoga has repeatedly been portrayed as a type of exercise to keep the body healthy. It does keep the body healthy, but there is more to it than that. Yoga has a threefold effect that benefits the person practicing it. It keeps people healthy, prevents them from getting sick and it also helps in recovering from an illness. According to the basic principles of Yoga, there are many forms of health. There are physical, mental, intellectual as well as moral health and the health of our consciousness and conscience. There are many other kinds that can be categorized to the state of being healthy. All of these are important to a person’s well-being. All these contribute to the true nature of health.

The Value of Asana

When practicing Yoga, one experiences the three levels of the journey. The most basic is the body’s physical well-being, next is the mind and lastly the spirit. Often, we are mistaken into thinking that becoming fit is something that can be bought in a bottle. We are often disappointed to find that it is not. Achieving the state of being healthy in all aspects that matter is a lifelong practice and discipline. It cannot be achieved overnight.

Yoga student in forward bend
Yoga student in forward bend.

Yoga in the Pursuit of Life

The body should neither be mistreated nor indulged. It is a vehicle that will serve as the instrument to accomplish a greater goal. While yoga is a form of art, the essence of it is not merely reflected on the outside. Rather, the true essence of yoga is to attain spiritual enlightenment. In this state is where we achieve true liberation and happiness.

This story was originally published by Of Spirit Magazine website.


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