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(Tortoise Pose)

How to perform Tortoise Pose

Bend your knees slightly in front of you and take your arms under the legs. Extend the arms backward and the heels of your feet forward.

What is Kurmasana?

Kurmasana or Tortoise Pose is a relatively advanced forward bending pose, not recommended to anyone who has problems with their lower back.

Your arms are hooked beneath your legs and your hands extend back towards the wall behind you, as you reach the heels of your feet forward. As you fold forward, release across your pelvic rim and press the back of your thighs down towards the floor. Your knees press down onto your arms.

When to use Kurmasana?

Kurmasana is quite advanced and requires a considerable level of flexibility in the spine, hamstrings, and shoulders. It should be avoided or replaced by the milder Upavistha Konasana if you are suffering from lower back problems.

This pose is typically incorporated in the middle or towards the end of a forward bend sequence since you need to be sufficiently warmed up before attempting such a deep fold.

When achieved, this pose helps release tension in your spine, increase blood circulation in your abdominal and pelvic area, improve flexibility in your hamstrings and hips. All the actions involved in this pose require a certain amount of focus and attention. This way your mind becomes more connected to what is happening in your body and gets distracted from anything that might be worrying you.