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Wednesday Advanced Class (6)


This is a standing pose class for advanced level students, filmed at the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio, taught by Pixie Lillas.

Wednesday Advanced Class (6)
Wednesday Advanced Class (6)

In this advanced class, we will be going through a wide variety of standing poses. We will be looking in more detail at various aspects of our practice: finding space in our poses; seeing how subtle changes in our bodies affect the nature of the asana; inspecting the correlation between tension and relaxation.

Another thing we will be paying attention to is the ripple effect our actions in one part of the body can have on the other parts. This is why we will spend longer holding each pose. In this way, we will be able to explore different modifications to find the one that is best suited to our personal needs.

In today’s class, we will also be looking at the relationship between tension and relaxation. In regards to certain body parts, relaxation comes more easily. For example, when lying in Savasana, we find it easy to follow such instructions as “release the toes” or “release the fingers.” These actions come naturally. But as we become more advanced, we can begin looking at ways of releasing other areas, such as the back of the knees or the outer buttock crease.

The longer we practise, the more important it becomes to come back to the poses we think we know well and try to approach them from a different angle. After all, as time goes by, our bodies change and this invariably has an effect on our perception of the pose. So, we need to get a fresh outlook every now and again.