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(Shoulder-Pressing Pose)

How to perform Shoulder-Pressing Pose

Start in Uttanasana. Fold forward, bend your knees and plant your hands behind your feet. Tuck your shoulders behind your legs and bring your feet together, interlocking them in the middle, right under your chest. Straighten your arms and balance.

What is Bhujapidasana?

Bhujapidasana is another arm-balancing posture, very similar to Dvi Hasta Bhujasana, the main difference being that your feet are interlocked close to your chest. This makes this pose more compact and the balance slightly more strenuous on your wrists and arms, as your whole body weight is bundled up above your shoulders as opposed to being spread out.

The interlock of the feet also means that your shoulders will experience mild pressure from your thighs. This has a toning effect on your shoulder muscles, especially seen as your aim is to resist slouching and push back into your legs.

When to use Bhujapidasana?

Just like Dvi Hasta Bhujasana, Bhujapidasana comes well in the middle of an arm-balancing session, after you’ve had a chance to warm up your muscles.