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Dvi Hasta Bhujasana
(Insect Pose)

How to perform Insect Pose

Place your feet a little more than hip-width apart. Bend forwards, tuck your shoulders under your knees, plant your hands on the floor and sit your buttocks down. Straighten your arms and lift yourself up into balance.

What is Dvi Hasta Bhujasana?

Insect Pose is one of the more compact arm-balancing postures. It requires a certain amount of arm and wrist strength and opening in the shoulders and is very good for releasing tension in the spine as well as building up additional strength in the upper body.

As you straighten your arms and lift yourself up, most of your body weight is concentrated and supported by your shoulders and wrists. The feet are lifted slightly off the floor in front of you. This means that some of your body weight is shifted forward – this evens out the balance.

However, this can also make it easier for you to tip over. For this reason, this pose goes a long way towards improving concentration. Think of your body as a see-saw that you aim at keeping in a neutral position.

When to use Dvi Hasta Bhujasana?

This pose is typically incorporated in the middle of an experienced arm-balancing sequence. Your shoulders and wrists need to be sufficiently warmed up before you attempt Dvi Hasta Bhujasana. So, it usually comes after poses from the Vasisthasana family.