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Parsvaikapada Sarvangasana
(Side One-Legged Shoulderstand)

How to perform Side One-Legged Shoulderstand

Holding yourself in Sarvangasana, keep one leg extended upwards as you bring the other down to the floor at your side, in line with your trunk.

What is Parsvaikapada Sarvangasana?

This is one of the twisted variations of Sarvangasana, aimed at stretching your inner thigh muscles. As you hold in Sarvangasana, your leg extends back over your head and to the side so that the foot is placed parallel to the head. Because of its asymmetric nature, this pose is performed on both sides and offers the practitioner a good opportunity to even out any imbalances between the two sides.

When to use Parsvaikapada Sarvangasana?

Just like Sarvangasana, this pose strengthens the core muscles that support the weight of the body and increases blood flow to the brain, cooling and energising the mind simultaneously. The added benefit is that, as the leg extends sideways, your abdominal muscles enjoy a gentle passive pull. Your sense of balance will also be put to the test since lowering your leg will temporarily shift your centre of gravity, and additional focus will be required to transition into this pose while also maintaining its integrity.

After performing the pose, you are likely to feel a sense of lightness in your body and gentle vibration in your legs. Just like most inversions, Parsvaikapada Sarvangasana can do wonders for those suffering from constipation. And the twist and pull tones the organs in the abdominal region.