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Kapotasana (to the wall)


A look at how to do Kapotasana (to the wall) in the Iyengar method.

Kapotasana (to the wall)

What is Kapotasana (to the wall)

Kapotasana is the third of the “basic backbends”. Basic here means that they are the foundation for many other backbend variations. It is a compact backbend, where the hands and the head join the feet, representing humility, but in a back arch.

When and how to do Kapotasana (to the wall)

Here we use the wall to allow the practitioner to go to their capacity, and to have the possibility of going deeper into the pose with the help of the wall for the hands to walk down. This assists us in staying more to the front of the shins and in keeping the hips high and forward, thereby extending the spine still further as the practitioner arches backward.

Kapotasana brings a stable exhilaration: exhilarating in its full chest opening and lift, and stabilising as it has a bound, closing the circle aspect that creates quietness.