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Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Forward Bends and Twists)


This is a well-rounded forward bend class for advanced students, including twists and asymmetrical variations. We will also look at ways of modifying poses in order to bring a new perspective to our practice.

Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Forward Bends and Twists)

Today’s forward bend class is a little different since we will be adding twists into the poses we do. Since we are continuing with the theme of observing and taking stock of what is happening in our bodies, twists will prove to be very useful: they are asymmetrical in nature and thus help you see more clearly where you harbor imbalances. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to adjust the practice to suit your own personal needs.

Speaking of adjustment, in the first part of the class, we will look a little bit at ways of modifying certain asanas to help us perform them more efficiently. After all, yoga, even at advanced levels, isn’t about how far you can go but about how you approach the actions you do. You might be able to go into a deep forward bend, but it’s much more important to do this while activating as much of your body as possible. Sometimes, as we get more advanced, we will start taking certain actions for granted. This is why it’s important to slow down occasionally, take a step back, and take some time to observe and experiment with new ways of approaching a pose.