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Strengthening your Iyengar yoga foundations: 5-part course

Students are taught by Pixie Lillas and move through 5 full-length Iyengar video classes. Each focuses on a different asana. You will cover all the core Iyengar yoga pose groups.

About the course

This is a 5-part course which follows on from Developing your foundations: 5-part course.

Students are taught by Pixie Lillas and move through 5 full-length video classes. Each class focuses on a different asana and between the 5 you will cover the core Iyengar yoga pose groups.

Video 1: Standing Poses

The first class has a focus on standing poses. It is a foundation sequence for those who are still at the early stages of their yoga learning looking to strengthen their approach to inversions and the basic standing poses. A good grounding sequence.

Video 2: Forward Bends

Forward bends are calming to the nervous system. They quieten the adrenal glands and have an overall mellowing effect. And like all asana sessions, you will also find that they are working on different parts of your body, different joints: your hips, your knees, your feet, your shoulders.

Forward bends should be practised at least once weekly, and then anytime you are feeling hot, tired, headache affected or just overdone.

Video 3: Backbends

This is a basic, foundation backbend sequence suitable for those who are just starting to approach the backbending asanas.

Backbends are uplifting and the perfect antidote to computer and desk work as they help to counteract the slouched position we may assume, activate the back ribs and open the chest.

Video 4: Restorative and pranayama

This sequence is intended to allow for rest in the body and the mind. It requires no energy, but brings the practitioner to a good, open and relaxed feeling both mentally and physically.

Video 5: Miscellaneous poses with a focus on the lower-back

A video sequence where we focus on a selection of poses you don’t normally get to practice in regular classes. You will use a range of twists and supported forward extensions to give release to the lower back.