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Marichyasana II
(Marichi's Pose II)

How to perform Marichi's Pose II

Bend the left leg up for Padmasana and plant the right foot by your buttock as in Marichyasana I. Keep the bottom knee facing forward. Extend forwards and wrap your arms around, clasping your hands behind your back. Fold forward to capacity. Repeat on both sides.

What is Marichyasana II?

A forward bend that combines elements of Padmasana and Marichyasana I.

One leg is bent and foot is placed in the hip crease, as in Padmasana. Meanwhile, the other foot is positioned close to the buttock, and the knee is facing upward. One arm is wrapped around the upright leg and both hands meet behind the back. Once this is achieved, you fold forward to capacity, making sure you extend your spine evenly, one vertebra at a time.

When to use Marichyasana II?

Marichyasana II is a relatively advanced pose that requires a high level of knee mobility. For this reason, it should be avoided or modified if you have knee injuries. At the same time, regular practice can help improve health in the knees, as long as the pose is approached with care and isn’t forced.

If your knees are too tight, you can simply fold your bottom leg into a simple crossed position.

Whether modified or done in its full representation, Marichyasana II has a whole range of benefits: it opens up your hips, strengthens your shoulder muscles, improves knee function, and massages the organs in your abdominal area.

Being asymmetric in nature, this pose is repeated on both sides, helping the student figure out which side harbours more tension and needs to be worked on further.