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Tuesday Level 3 Class (6)(Forward Bends)


A standing and seated forward bend sequence with an extra focus on asymmetrical poses.

Tuesday Level 3 Class (6)(Forward Bends)

We will be going through a forward bend sequence today, during which we will modify some of the poses in order to provide our bodies with more space to elongate. We are looking to achieve an even extension across both sides of the body. For this reason, many of today’s standing and seated forward bends will be asymmetrical. This way, we will be able to focus on each side of the body separately before going into a more grounded and balanced extension.

Sometimes, deconstructing a pose or practising its asymmetrical variation can help us see more clearly the places in which we harbor excess tension or tightness. Seeing the pose from a different perspective thus allows us to work on loosening the tight spots more efficiently.

Illustrated sequence of video

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