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(Perfect Pose)

How to perform Perfect Pose

Start in a seated position. Bend the left leg at the knee and press the sole of the foot to the thigh. Bend the right leg and place the foot over the left ankle. Press the heel of the right foot against the pubic bone. Rest your hands on your knees.

What is Siddasana?

Siddhasana, or Perfect Pose, known for its symmetry and balance, brings evenness to the hips and supports the spinal lift. By helping one balance from the base upwards, it brings the mind to quietness, and for this reason, is considered to be one of the four most powerful seated meditation poses.

When to use Siddasana?

Siddasana is a great pose for calming the nerves and bringing your mind to rest. It can be incorporated at any point in the practice since it can be used both as a way to reconnect to your breath in-between asanas, put you into the yoga mindset at the beginning of a session, or enter into a deeper meditative state at the end of the practice.

This is one of the most effective meditation poses. It allows the practitioner to get grounded and experience a sense of lightness at the same time. Moreover, taking deep concentrated breaths in a bound, seated position stimulates blood circulation in the lower back, abdomen, and pelvis, helping you maintain health in your pubic and abdominal regions.