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(Scorpion Pose)

How to perform Scorpion Pose

Keep your shoulders open, shift your weight evenly through your forearms. You can use a chair for support, or go into free balance, bringing your feet onto your head if possible.

What is Vrishikasana?

Vrishikasana, or Scorpion Pose, is a continuation of the Pincha Mayurasana. In this pose, the practitioner is further encouraged to go into a deep backbend, while balancing on one’s forearms. Just like in Pincha Mayurasana, your outer elbows are in line with your outer shoulders, and your hands are turned out slightly.

When to use Vrishikasana?

This is an advanced backbend and can be incorporated in a variety of sequences for more experienced students. Ideally, in the final pose, the heels will be positioned on top of the head. However, there are many in-between steps within this pose, so you can also use the wall or a chair to place your feet on as you are cultivating the necessary flexibility in your spine.

Upon completing this pose, bring your feet back down to the floor and sit up straight and refrain from going into any forward bends right away. Let your breath settle and your spine find its neutral position before you continue with the sequence.