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Tuesday Level 3 Class (5) (Standing Poses)


In this week's class, we will be focussing on alignment and evenness in our standing poses.

Tuesday Level 3 Class (5) (Standing Poses)

The main theme of today’s class is finding alignment and evenness in standing poses. We will go through some of the more basic and familiar standing asanas. This way we will have a better chance of observing the little nuances that are involved in holding each of the poses.

Also, in line with last week’s class, we will be paying special attention to the hips, groins, and feet in an attempt to find extra grounding and stability in the asanas. While doing the standing poses focus on the soles of your feet. Try to imagine what they would look like if you had a chance to look at them from beneath. Where does the weight tend to shift? Are you centred? Is your weight spread evenly across the sole?

Throughout the practice, make sure to watch out for any unwanted tension. Especially when we are doing a pose that we are familiar with, we tend to overlook certain aspects of it, we begin to take it for granted and do it automatically. So, today we will be holding some of the poses for longer in order to get a chance to explore ways of releasing excess tension and finding evenness. Because, at the end of the day, balance and alignment in our bodies translate to peace in our minds.