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Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Mindfulness in Standing Poses)


In this advanced live class, we will be focussing on increasing mindfulness while performing standing poses.

Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Mindfulness in Standing Poses)

This standing asana class is intended for higher-level students. By this point in our yoga journey, we already know the shape of the poses quite well. And yet, there is still a lot to learn, a lot of ground to cover. But, unlike at the start of our learning process, the nuances we focus on as we gain experience become more subtle. We no longer have to think about whether or not we are aligned in our poses; instead, we now have to shift our attention to the actions involved in bringing about this alignment, in helping us achieve the best possible representation of the pose insofar as our own needs are concerned.

This is what today’s practice is about: listening to our bodies, tuning in to the little signals they send to direct us towards a more balanced position. An especially good time to pay attention to these signals is the warm-up. At this stage, the body is still a little stiff, and more concentration is required to help us enter the pose more evenly.