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Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Miscellaneous Flow)


In this live video, filmed at the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio, we will be going through a miscellaneous sequence, looking at weight-bearing and working on our balance.

Wednesday Advanced Term 2 (Miscellaneous Flow)

It’s miscellaneous week and the last lesson of Term 2 at the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio. In this advanced class, we’re looking at how to piece together a stream of different-type and seemingly unrelated poses into a well-balanced flow.

One pose will flow into the next in a logical succession. After a brief and lively warm-up session, we will be going from standing poses into forward bends into inversions and supine twists, trying to see how each pose is related to the other even if they don’t come from the same “family.”

Some of the poses we do today will help prepare us for more complex variations further on in the lesson. For example, we will be doing a few standing balances in this class: starting off by using wall support and progressing till we get to a point where we can go into the free-standing variation with confidence. This step-by-step process, accompanied by detailed instructions on what adjustments might be beneficial, will help give additional insight into what is involved in performing each pose.

Throughout the sequence, students will be encouraged to modify poses to suit their own needs. So, some students might feel the need to use some extra equipment (a chair or other prop) to help them get the results they’re after. This way, you will get to learn to listen to your body and find your own way of expressing yourself through the pose.