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(Cobra Pose)

How to perform Cobra Pose

Keep your hips pressed firmly into the floor, your kneecaps pointing straight down, and your toes reaching back. Place your hands right beneath your shoulders and, activating them, lift your chest up off the floor.

What is Bhujangasana?

Known as one of the “baby backbends” Bhujangasana begins the work of lengthening the spine and working to bring an even curve into the thoracic and lumbar areas. With legs stabilised on the floor, time can be spent on working into each of the different actions required, then understood in the more advanced backbends. As such it is a useful preparation for a longer backbend session.

When to use Bhujangasana?

As with all the backbends, Bhujangasana is beneficial to the spine, bringing flexibility and space between the vertebrae. This pose, with arms bent, can assist those with lower back pain and can work to bring length to the lumbar spine. The enhanced opening of the chest brings energy and a sense of optimism. Backbends, in general, are often used to combat depression and bring a sense of courage.

Video sequences that include this pose