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Parsva Upavistha Konasana
(Side Seated Wide Angle Pose)

How to perform Side Seated Wide Angle Pose

Start in Upavistha Konasana. Maintain the position of your legs and buttocks as you release your spine and bend sideways to meet your foot.

What is Parsva Upavistha Konasana?

A twisted variation of the traditional seated asana. Parsva Upavistha Konasana can be used as part of a hip-opening sequence, following a standing sequence, or incorporated into a forward bend sequence.

Keep your thighs and sit bones grounded as you twist from your navel and work deeper into the back ribs. As you breathe, focus on the feeling of extension in the side of your ribcage.

When to use Parsva Upavistha Konasana?

Parsva Upavistha Konasana is a more advanced pose from the Upavistha Konasana family. Before assuming the full side bend, focus on strengthening your foundations by sitting in Upavistha Konasana with your back straight. Then go into a twist, keeping your back straight and turning from your navel. When this is achieved you can start to fold over your legs, one vertebra at a time, making sure the backs of your legs stay grounded as your hips start to open. The main purpose of this pose is to promote hip mobility and to create length in the spine to enable the stretch from the sacrum to the crown of the head.