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Jumping the Feet Apart for Standing Poses

A look at how to jump the feet apart for standing poses in the Iyengar method.

About jumping the feet apart for standing poses

The initial focus on this action is the coordination of the arms and legs. It can be challenging for some, and is a good way to bring the focus of the mind to the practice. As a continuing action, it brings energy to the pose by extending and opening the arms and legs in a simultaneous action. It is used to come into a standing pose position and to return to Tadasana.

When to jump the feet apart for standing poses?

Repetition of the action can be used to both dissipate excess energy as well as energise you. The action of jumping the feet apart results in a more even spread of the feet. The jumping action brings you firmly into your feet bringing an immediate focus to the base of the standing poses. The action of staying firm in the jumping and landing actions engages micro-muscles which are important for balance and stability. Research indicates that actions such as jumping also increase bone density.