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Wednesday Advanced Class (Miscellaneous/Balancings/Hips)


A miscellaneous live class for advanced students where we focus on developing strength and mobility in our hips and knees.

Wednesday Advanced Class (Miscellaneous/Balancings/Hips)

In today’s miscellaneous class we will be focussing mainly on the hips and knees. We will also look at ways of distributing our weight more evenly through our bodies, and increasing our sense of understanding of the more subtle processes that are involved in each pose.

There are many ways of doing a pose, and the choice of the variation depends entirely on the individual. Each variation can tell us a different thing about the body. Some actions may feel more familiar and will therefore be more automatic. This is why it’s important to modify poses once in a while — just to get a fresh outlook. So, we will be modifying many of the asanas in today’s practice: using wall support or working with props (such as a belt or blocks). We will also explore rhythm: the way in which we enter a pose is just as important as the way in which we hold it.