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Ardha Matsyendrasana I
(Half Lord of the Fishes Pose I)

Ardha Matsyendrasana I – Half Lord of the Fishes Pose I
Ardha Matsyendrasana I – Half Lord of the Fishes Pose I

How to perform Half Lord of the Fishes Pose I

Keep both legs bent. One stays pressed firmly against the floor. Take your other foot over and place it flat on the mat. Place your elbow on your upward-facing knee and use it as leverage to twist your body to capacity.

What is Ardha Mastyendrasana 1?

Ardha Mastyendrasana 1 is a closed seated twist. This is considered a more intermediate-level pose because it offers challenges (and benefits) for the hips, knees, and shoulders. It is often placed after forward bends, but can be practiced in any sequence that is working to release the back and neck.

When to use Ardha Mastyendrasana 1?

The pose specifically targets the lower abdominal area and has benefits for the lower pelvic organs (such as the bladder and prostate). In addition, as with most twists, the strong rotation across the back and shoulders helps to release tightness in the middle and the upper back and activates and tones the abdominal organs.