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(Bharadvaja's Twist)

How to perform Bharadvaja's Twist

Bring your legs to one side. Place one hand on the knee - this will help you deepen the twist. The other hand can be placed on the floor, helping you twist even deeper. Alternatively, you can bring it behind your back until it joins the elbow of the other arm. Stretch upwards through the crown of your head.

What is Bharavajasana?

Seated, open twist that can be practiced during menstruation as the abdomen is not compressed and the whole front of the trunk remains broad and open. The pose is often practiced after forward bends or in a general sequence to activate the spine.

When to use Bharadvajasana?

It is considered a preparatory twist and can be used to engage the action of the spine and back ribs. Work in the pose to keep both buttocks holding down towards the floor allows the student to separate the pelvis from the rib cage, engaging the abdominal muscles and shoulder blades as the spine turns. It can assist to release tightness in the neck and shoulders as the back ribs expand, creating space. Twists bring flexibility to the spine and torso and activate the intercostal muscles. Twists are said to massage and bring new blood supply to the abdominal organs.

Video sequences that include this pose