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Seated Chair Twist

How to perform Seated Chair Twist

Sit on a chair and use the back and/or seat as leverage to help you twist your spine and chest. Repeat on both sides.

What is Seated Chair Twist?

A universal twisting pose that is done while you are seated on a chair. The chair, in this case, acts as a prop that helps you deepen the twist. So, this pose has several variations, depending on how you sit on the chair.

One of the variations involves you facing the back of the chair and holding onto it with both your hands. Then, keeping your back straight, you begin to twist sideways. Another variation involves you sitting sideways and pulling yourself towards the chair back, rather than pushing away from it (as in the first variation). Finally, you can also sit ‘normally’, facing forward and, holding onto the chair back with one hand twist to capacity by hooking the elbow of your free arm to the opposite knee.

When to use Seated Chair Twist?

This is one of the most universal twisting poses since it can be used at practically any point during the day, both during your yoga practice and while you’re going about your day. For example, seated chair twists come in very handy if you work at an office and spend most of your time sitting at the desk, seen as they help relieve any tension that has built up in your spine, neck, and shoulders.

Likewise, this pose can be used in all kinds of sequences, from the calming and restorative to the dynamic and energizing.