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Simple Cross Legs Twist

How to perform Simple Cross Legs Twist

Sit with your legs crossed and back straight. Place your hand onto the opposing knee and, staying tall through the crown of your head, look over your shoulder as you twist.

What is Simple Cross Legs Twist?

A great warm-up pose, it helps activate the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and neck. It gets the energy flowing through the upper body and lengthens your spine and torso.

As you grab a hold of your knee and twist to the side, make sure you keep the line of your spine straight and perpendicular to the floor, the crown of your head pointing straight up. Use your breath to help you increase your range of motion, twisting deeper with every exhalation. The added benefit of this pose is that it can be practiced practically anywhere at any time since it does not require any special equipment or support. It helps your back release tension while also offering a good level of stretch.

When to use Simple Cross Legs Twist?

This pose can be incorporated into any kind of sequence, be it restorative or dynamic, and can also be practiced freely throughout the day, while you’re sitting at your desk or on your bed.

When used at the start of the practice, the pose helps activate the muscles in your spine and prepare them for more strenuous poses ahead. If it is used at the end, it helps restore the equilibrium in the spine and release any excess tension.

Video sequences that include this pose