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Practice Iyengar yoga at home with yoga videos, audio and sequences

Yoga Vastu

The rewards of practicing Iyengar yoga at home

Yoga Vastu is an online yoga studio that brings Iyengar yoga practice to your home. Whether you need to advance at your own pace, supplement with your studio classes or you simply want to build your confidence at home, Yoga Vastu offers subscriptions that will perfectly fit your needs.

Practicing yoga on your own can be a powerful way to learn, when the right tools are at hand. Yoga Vastu provides a variety of excellent and professional resources with stunning high definition videos, audio, sequences and articles that will suit every level, and get you started on your path to achieving fitness, flexibility, and well-being in a few easy steps.

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Anywhere, anytime

Attend your yoga session anytime, anywhere. Start with a 15-day trial with Yoga Vastu. Subscribe for unlimited access and cancel at anytime.

Personalised routine

Personalise your yoga routine and track your progress. We cover all levels extensively, beginners to advanced. We want to give you an indepedent practice that works.

Certified teachers

Our material is designed by certified Iyengar yoga teachers. We offer high quality video and audio lessons. Our library of sequences and articles is always accessible.

Modified Surya Namaskar

Yoga Vastu offers a 15-day free trial to get you started. Unlimited access to our online yoga school is affordable and very engaging. We are certain that our online yoga service will feel right for you at any stage of your yoga journey.

Videos, audio, sequences and articles are updated regularly with new classes, yoga techniques and focus areas to follow. Your customised profile will simplify and personalise your experience whether you are regularly practicing sequences or monitoring your advancing progress.

Flexibility, comfort and good guidance

Build your yoga practice to best meet your needs and pace. With Yoga Vastu, you don’t need to attend classes or adhere to any time schedules in order to have the benefits of yoga practice. Our objective is the same for every level – how to provide a professional instructions any time and anywhere. Our professional online yoga courses are designed by certified teachers, with years of experience teaching Iyengar yoga at the world-class Iyengar yoga school, the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio.

In a few easy steps, you can design your own programme to learn Iyengar yoga.

Recent articles

Yoga Vastu was created to represent the important second pillar in Iyengar yoga practice: the indispensable element of home practice.

Practicing Iyengar yoga can be both a challenge and a reward, even more so when that happens away from the studio. Focusing on the specific needs and areas of your body that you would like to improve takes time and commitment. With Yoga Vastu, the pace at which you practice is not defined by your class or teacher, so you can be confident that your practice will be all about listening solely to your body. In the end of the day, this is where the rewards are coming from.

We have the professionals to offer you your yoga instruction remotely. Pixie Lillas and her dedicated  team of certified yoga teachers have gathered wonderful materials to orient you in that special journey of body and mind. Click here to learn more about us.