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Online yoga videos

Your online Iyengar yoga studio

Practice Iyengar yoga at home with yoga videos, audio and sequences. Free 14 day trial.

Practicing yoga at home is a powerful way to learn, when the right tools are at hand

Yoga Vastu gives you access to a variety of professional resources

Iyengar yoga videos

Yoga asana explainers and classes. Shot with two cameras for detailed views of each adjustment.

Yoga audio classes

Live recordings of classes matched with illustrated sequences to help you follow along.

Illustrated yoga sequences

Detailed yoga sequences for all levels ready to print.

Iyengar yoga articles

Read about Iyengar yoga philosophy and approaches to practices in our digital library.

Yoga Vastu Iyengar Yoga teachers

Practice Iyengar yoga at home taught by experienced teachers

Yoga Vastu is an online yoga studio that brings world-class Iyengar yoga practice to your home.

Whether you want to advance at your own pace, supplement your group classes or you simply want to build your confidence at home, Yoga Vastu offers materials that will perfectly fit your needs.

Our teachers

Detailed video classes and pose explainers

Video explainers for all poses (asanas), short sequences and longer classes taught in the Iyengar method.

Learn how to use props and follow along with close-up adjustments.

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Yoga Vastu Iyengar Yoga online audio

Crystal clear audio recorded from live classes

Full-length classes with printable notes and images for setting up your equipment.

Illustrations of Sanskrit poses help you follow along easily. Asana, pranayama for all levels.

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Yoga sequences - Iyengar Yoga sequences online

Free Iyengar yoga sequences to print and follow at home

Full-length or shorter practice sequences along with detailed written instructions and illustrations.

Print them and continue to progress in your yoga practice wherever you are.

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Yoga Vastu Iyengar Yoga online articles

Iyengar yoga articles, philosophy and personal stories

Our teachers write and gather articles from the teachings of Iyengar yoga practitioners.

We are focused on providing content to help you better understand yoga practice and your body.

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Flexibility, comfort and good guidance

Build your yoga practice to best meet your needs and pace. Yoga Vastu lets you supplement your classes at home at any time.

Our objective is the same for every level – to make high quality Iyengar yoga teachings available anytime and anywhere. Our professional online yoga courses are designed by certified teachers, with years of experience teaching Iyengar yoga at world-class Iyengar yoga schools.

Do you have pain or a specific area of the body you need addressing?

Request a sequence and we will work to address your area of concern in our upcoming classes.

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