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Wednesday Advanced Class — Term 2 2021

A well-balanced advanced-level course, suitable for senior students and teachers with many years of yoga experience.

In this course

About the course

This course for advanced level students includes classes filmed at the Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio during the second term of 2021. It is suitable for Iyengar yoga teachers as well as students with many years of experience.

There will be some classes that focus on specific types of asanas — for example, standing poses or backbends — while in others we will be dealing with separate body parts or aspects of our practice. For example, in some of the classes, we will be looking at concepts such as mindfulness and how they can be incorporated into our everyday practice. There will also be a separate video focussing on twists, an aspect of practice that rarely has a whole class dedicated to it.

Following this live course can be useful for anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to attend the classes at the studio itself or have missed the live stream, as well as for those who want to get an idea of what the classes involve in case they wish to participate in the offline lessons in the future. For more information regarding booking a class in the next term, follow this link.