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(Eagle Pose)

How to perform Eagle Pose

Cross one leg over the other and balance. Then, cross your arms at the elbows so that both your pinkies are pointing forwards. Then try to lift your hands to capacity while keeping your shoulders level and your chest open.

What is Garudasana?

Garudasana, also known as Eagle Pose, is one of the most effective shoulder-opening postures. Additionally, it helps strengthen your upper back muscles. It can be practiced in several ways: standing in Tadasana, sitting in Virasana, or in its full representation: standing in modified Utkatasana (with one leg crossed over the other). The latter is arguably the most advanced variation since it requires the practitioner work on their balance and leg strength at the same time as opening up their shoulders.

You begin by extending your arms to the side. Then, you fold one elbow beneath the other and press your arms and hands together, your little fingers pointing forward. Pull your shoulders back and down, away from your ears.

When to use Garudasana?

This pose helps you start to understand what is happening in your body, which parts are tighter than the others. Being asymmetrical in nature, it can be useful in evening out any imbalances you might have. It will also help increase the range of motion in your shoulders and strengthen the muscles in your upper back and the back of your neck.

Garudasana is usually incorporated at the beginning or end of a standing pose sequence or at any point during a shoulder-opening sequence.

Doing the full variation of this pose is especially good for promoting concentration and awareness because you are not only focusing on activating a big group of muscles all at once, but you are also working on keeping your balance.

Video sequences that include this pose