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Marichyasana I
(Marichi's Pose I)

How to perform Marichi's Pose I

Bend your left knee, placing the foot by your buttock as you extend the right leg forward. Then, reach your arms behind your back, looping your left arm over and around your bent knee. Join your hands behind your back. Bend forward to capacity. Repeat on both sides.

What is Marichyasana 1?

Clasping, seated forward bend, Marichyasana is first established as a bound twist, then the forward extension is performed. Marichyasana 1 is normally included as part of a seated forward bend sequence. It is considered an intermediate asana when adding the clasping action of the hands.

When to use Marichyasana 1?

The clasping action, requires a full expansion of the chest, rotation of the whole arm and shoulders and turning of the abdomen. It can be useful for those working with tight shoulders and stiffness in the dorsal spine. The bent leg works on softening the inner groin and opening the hip, important in all forward bends. This pose helps develop the foundations to allow a deeper Paschimottanasana.