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Neck Release Over Support

How to perform Neck Release Over Support

Place support in the form of blocks or folded up blankets beneath your back all the way from your thoracic to your lumbar spine. Your shoulders and head should be allowed to release down toward the floor. Relax in this pose. Start with knees bent, eventually extending your legs out in front of you. Use support under your head if you feel excess strain in your neck.

What is Neck Release Over Support?

This is a mini-sequence aimed at relieving tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. Lying down over the blocks allows your back to maintain a mild curve as your shoulders, head, and side-chest release down towards the floor.

When to use Neck Release Over Support?

This is a restorative exercise that comes in handy either at the end of a strenuous inversion sequence. It can also be used as a replacement for such inversions as Sarvangasana or Sirsasana in case you are not yet prepared for such poses or cannot do them for other reasons (such as menstruation or injury).

Lying over blocks or other forms of support in this way allows for your shoulders and side chest to open up naturally, as they succumb to the force of gravity, requiring no effort from the practitioner. This action also massages your back muscles nicely, helping to promote health in the whole upper body. The opening of the chest allows for an increased flow of oxygen, helping you revitalise your body and breathe tension and pain away.

Video sequences that include this pose