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Iyengar yoga audio classes

Full-length classes recorded in live classes by our experienced teachers. All audio materials come with illustrated guides and instructions.

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Yoga Vastu presents a special collection of audio yoga classes, suitable for anyone practising outside the studio. Browse through our library of high definition audio lessons offered to match your workout level, area of focus or practice goals. Our audio lessons are designed by an certified team of Iyengar yoga experts with the goal to offer you a challenging yoga routine anywhere and anytime.

We have audio classes for everyone, covering all levels, ages and motivations. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, whether your purpose is to lose weight, gain flexibility or strength, Yoga Vastu provides the depth and diversity of Iyengar Yoga practice for your needs.

Finding the right rhythm of exercise and concentrating on your breathing and focused state is one of the challenges of Iyengar Yoga practice. The audio lessons are unique in providing a natural and focused inner space. The benefits of the audio lessons lie in finding the right rhythm of exercising and the meditative state wherein yoga practice really unfolds naturally. While video classes offer a perfect way to perfect your technique through the visual stimuli, our audio classes allow you to relax and concentrate on your flow.