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(Staff Pose)

How to perform Staff Pose

Point your sit-bones down and extend your spine upwards through the crown of your head. Use support under your buttocks or bend knees if needed to get your back straight.

What is Dandasana?

A foundation seated pose. It is used as a transition pose during seated forward bends and seated twists. It allows the student to come back to a neutral position much as Tadasana does during the standing poses. It is, however, a challenging pose in itself. To allow the full extension of the legs while maintaining an upright lift of the spine and opening of the chest is often an effort for less experienced students and height under the buttocks may be needed.

When to use Dandasana?

While in the pose, the senses can withdraw to allow a quietening of the mind and the breath to return to a smooth steady rhythm. The pose helps to learn how to lift the spine while extending the leg muscles and opening the backs of the knees towards the floor to keep the base anchored. The extension of the arms assists in the lengthening of the inner arms and is beneficial to the wrist joint. It also brings good space to the chest, lifting the ribs away from the diaphragm.

Video sequences that include this pose