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(Plough Pose)

How to perform Plough Pose

Use support under your shoulders. Keeping your shoulders open, lift your hips up high above your head, dropping your feet down behind you. Place your hands on your back to help keep it from rounding.

What is Halasana?

This is a mild inversion pose and a good preparation for the Shoulderstand. As you lift your hips up above your head and keep your back straight as you reach your feet down behind you, your shoulder muscles get strengthened from bearing the extra weight.

When to do Halasana?

Inversions are very useful when it comes to redirecting or stimulating your blood flow. Moreover, increased blood flow to the brain can go a long way in improving your focus, clarity, and in bringing about peace of mind. The effect of gravity on different body parts can also be very helpful in relieving any pain caused by a build-up of tension in the muscles or joints. On top of that, Halasana’s soothing effects can help prepare your mind for sleep.

However, this pose should be avoided or modified if you have neck issues or injuries.

Video sequences that include this pose